Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lithops Love.

I love me some lithops. You might be thinking "my word, what are you talking about?" Well...I am talking about lithops the plant...also known as Living Stone plant.

Can you tell which are real and which is the plant? Hard right? That's why these little friends are so amazing to me. 

They wear camo well.

Just like other succulents these fellas like sunshine. I planted mine in a terrarium with sand and stones to play where's Waldo...

After reading about Lithops I knew I had to add them to my collection. They flower in the fall and the color of the flower is typically listed as a W or Y -- for white or yellow. The flower forms right in the glorious middle and voila -- the where's Waldo game gets a lot easier!

Did you find all three?

Once they flower I'll share more photos...

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