Friday, August 30, 2013

California Dreaming

One week ago I was hopping off a plane in San Francisco to enjoy a long weekend with friends. Wow, was it a good time. If you haven't been or if you're looking for some things to get are some of my favorites...

First, Greens is always on my list. The view alone is worth it but the food is fantastic! As a veggie, I couldn't be happier at this place. Healthy nutritious food that tastes out of this world!

Next, my hubby and I decided to rent bikes to bike over the Golden Gate. It was fun, green, and a bum buster. I would totally do it again!

The Ferry Building Farmer's Market is a must. Organic peaches were everywhere and the perfect mid morning snack.

At the market I fell in love with this plant and luckily my friend Ashley gave it a new home to appease me. I promised to help her keep it alive with advice through photos. t looks good right?

On the last night we took the Bart out of the city and stayed with friends in Vacaville. April, a childhood friend, had the most beautiful rose bushes and fruit trees. I am in complete envy of those yummy shake making fruit yielding trees! When we woke up in the morning she snipped a few blooms...a perfect last scene that morning before heading home to Chicago!

This Labor Day weekend I'll be enjoying some downtime at home and working on some new projects. What will you be doing? Happy Friday! xoxo

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