Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Green-ing up this place

I am failure at green.

I eat more 100 calorie mini oreo cookie packs with coffee than anything with even a slight hue of green. I am a vegetarian, making the previous comment ridiculous. I don't cook... at all...and so my husband (who is not a vegetarian) is left to a) fend for himself (which means he eats cottage cheese, popcorn, deli meat, and maybe an apple for dinner) or b) I make him eggs (which he calls a "hot dinner" and thanks me profusely for). I am really into fitness. I run. I lift weights. I teach fitness classes and love inspiring people to find a love for fitness. Because these two things, one being I don't eat well, and two being I am a fitness nut, don't go together, I've decided to get my booty in gear and green this place up...

Green eating. (I am jumping on the veggie train and I am not looking back at those deliciously perfect little circles of chocolate cookieness and creamy filling. NOT LOOKING BACK.)

Green-er living (I don't recycle...say WHAAAAT? you're thinking...it's a deep dark secret that I've just let you in on. Plus I love plants and I am committing to making more time to add them to my home.)

So that's it. I'm going to green this place up and I hope you'll join me. Along the way I'll post photos, recipes, examples, DIYs, and more.